About Bamba

Français d'originine senegalaise, Bamba Sourang est un éternel voyageur. Un autodidacte connu pour ses reportages remarquables. Ce site est une manière de partager ses expériences et au même temps de nous faire rêver.

French from Senegalese origins, Bamba Sourang is an eternal traveler. An autodidact known for his remarkable photography work. This site is a way to share experiences and at the same time an invitation to dream.


•Group Heritage (Mauritius).

Image Libraries for The Hotel Telfair - Villas Valriche - Golf and Chateau Bel Ombre.

•Hilton (Mauritius). Photo libraries 2008 and 2015/2016.

•Mauritius Tourism Authority. Production of the country's Image library and Promotional Film Art Direction from 2000 to 2011

•Art Director and Photography Director of the 2019 Mauritius Tourism Authority photos and promotional films.

•Fashion photos for The Fleuve Senegal Festival in Saint Louis - Senegal

•Citroên Advertising campaign (Mauritius)

•Constance Hotels and Resorts

Branding 2016 

Group Photo Libraries: Prince Maurice, Belle Mare Plage, Moofushi Maldives, Halaveli Maldives, Ephelia Seychelles and Tsarabanjina Madagascar

•Cuba reportage 2016

•2017 collection. Libanese Designer Daniele Kiridjan 

•Fifa collaboration (Mauritius 2015)

•Kreola Agency photo library

•Mauritius Island International Airport

•Collaboration with the Designer Mark Dietrich for his book


Hotels and Lifestyle

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